I am a busy girl living in Vermont with my two boys, husband, and a dog named Odie. We live in a small magic cottage in Burlington but my heart screams for an old vintage farmhouse in the country. I am a mother, a full time Web Analyst, a part time indie craft show producer and a sales Rep for Beautycounter I love gardening, cooking (especially Sicilian), vintage thrift shopping, and dreaming of turning my 1950's salt box into an old farmhouse.  I spent almost 20 years as a vegetarian, but I now call my self a localvore instead. I am more of a believer in local and seasonal eating.

I have been a full time working mother, part time working mother, stay at home mother and now a full time working mother again.  I've seen it and tried it all.  I started this blog back in 2005 under a different name (Rockergirrl and Mamaspeak) but as my children have grown and I have evolved so has this blog.  I recently moved all the old posts from the previous blog to their new home here at Purple Elm. 

I grew up in an old victorian house on Elm Street in Milford  NH.  My mother grew up two doors down and both of my grandmothers lived on the street as well.  Purple Elm was named after my grandmothers' favorite color and the street we all lived on. It is where I too grew to love the color purple, cooking, antiques and family. I never appreciated the beauty of old houses until ours finally sold and I realized it was gone forever. My love of the vintage life is something I have held on to and now find myself recreating in my own world.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to sharing.


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