Happy holidays and Happy New Year!  The past week I was blessed with the opportunity to take some vacation time and be home between Christmas and New Years with my family.  My husband did the same.  We haven't done this in years and it was so nice.  Our lives are usually spent running around between work, picking up kids, school obligations, homework and dinner that taking a little break from the rat race was just what we needed.

E brought home this lovely snowflake that he made in school and it was the perfect decoration for our kitchen.  It added a nice festive vibe to the room especially since we haven't had much snow yet.

Despite the lack of snow we managed to keep busy.  We made cookies, went ice skating, played games and stayed in our pajamas late every day.  The boys were just thrilled to be able to build all day long.  They live in a world of Lego right now and I am loving every minute of it.

New Year was spent downtown attending First Night and seeing the much beloved Circus Smirkus and many other wonderful events, followed up by dinner on Church Street and watching the parade.

2011 was a good year, but a challenging one and I am ready to move ahead.  I'm not one for making resolutions, but I do believe in change and I look forward to making some changes in my life in this upcoming year.  

Happy New Year!


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